Thursday, December 20, 2007

How Dare You, Mom and Dad

The parents of graduating seniors in my high school were able to publish a message to their child in the yearbook. Pictures could be added along with the message. My parents chose to use two pictures: one taken recently, and one from when I was a youngster.

When I picked up my yearbook at the end of the year, I flipped to the back to see what kind of embarrassment I should brace myself for. Luckily, there was nothing awkward or humiliating. However, there was something that made me angry – my parents submitted a toddler picture of my older brother, JD.

“I can’t believe my own parents don’t remember what I looked like,” I complained to my friends. “Everybody knows I was a better looking two-year-old.”

When I got home I called my mom into the kitchen and opened the yearbook to my segment in the back. “Notice anything wrong with this?” I asked, pointing to young JD.
Benjamin Rubenstein as a toddler“No, it looks great. You and JD were both such good-looking kids.”

“That’s just it…you sent in a picture of JD!”

There was a long pause as my mom looked hard at the page.

“…No, I didn’t!” she yelled. “That’s you!”

Bullshit, like I wouldn’t recognize myself.

I then began to argue with my mom that the picture was NOT me, and even made her prove it, which she gladly did.

Apparently, I don’t even know what I looked like. And as to who was a better looking kid, I have no idea because I can’t tell who is who.


Anonymous said...

That totally sounds like something I would accuse my parents of -- except for you would always be able to tell it was me if the kid in the picture had a sullen, bored look on her face.

Great blog, btw, and cute picture :-)

Jonathan Rubenstein said...

We all know I had the better genes at age two!