Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dudes of Cancer: Monsieur March

Lance Armstrong

Ever heard of this guy (joke)? Lance is best known for winning the Tour-de-France—perhaps the most grueling sporting event in the world—seven consecutive times. Many people don’t realize that athleticism is in Lance’s genetic code. His mother was an athlete. Lance began competing as an early teenager, becoming a professional triathlete at age sixteen. On athletic measures such as resting heart rate and aerobic capacity, he posts mindboggling numbers.

Lance has a focus like nobody I’ve ever read about, a small circle of trusted friends, and the desire to control most aspects of his life. It is this drive that pushes him to not only endure huge amounts of pain, but seemingly enjoy it. He is physically and mentally tougher than most humans on the planet.

Lance began his foundation after his testicular cancer diagnosis in the mid 90s. It has become a premiere cancer research and support organization. Because of his giant celebrity status, advocacy, and undying search for more cancer funding, Lance is cancer’s poster boy.
Lance Armstrong kettleball routine