Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Anybody Else Remember This?

The below used to be an excerpt from my book, way back in the eleventh draft, before it was removed. I haven't a clue what draft my book is currently in; I can't count that high.

Background: unimportant.

Preface: This is not reflective of my political views, but rather the opinion that huge exploding bombs are awe-inspiring.

Thursday, March 20, 2003

...We got home Thursday night, just in time to see the last set of NCAA Tournament games. On Friday the United States dropped countless bombs on Baghdad. “Shock and Awe” was an amazing sight, but it couldn’t have occurred at a worse time. Every 10 minutes Dan Rather would cut into basketball games to talk about the situation and show more coverage in Iraq. I, and every other college basketball fan, wanted to kick his wrinkly ass.

Happy March Madness, kiddies. I'll be in Las Vegas this weekend celebrating Zeke's bachelor party, perhaps making a few bets and watching a few games.

I will never forgive Rather for his egregious crime.


jennrubenstein said...

wow... how could i have forgotten about that? that was the year i took off from osu and was living in ffx and working at benny's... i remember everybody in the restaurant (managers, bartenders, customers, everybody) standing around the tvs watching what looked like fireworks. crazy. note: it's tough to be a sports fan and work in a restaurant during march madness... it's like, "what did you want? oh, hold that thought, we're on upset watch!"

Benjamin Rubenstein said...

I can see that. However, that's still probably better than being stuck in an office without any TVs at all.

Raine said...

My memories of that time are so different. I was living in Kuwait at the time, so I remember the air raid sirens going off every hour and having to run and secure ourselves in a safe room just in case, waiting to get the all clear. After about the 5th one, we kind of gave up! During one of them I was in the drive through at Mc. D's! Surreal! Lol

Benjamin Rubenstein said...

Wow! I bit different perspective. I'm so happy to hear (1) Kuwait has McDonald's, and (2) You went to a McDonald's drive-through during Shock and Awe. You should be proud. I hope you super-sized it.

Raine said...

Actually I think I chickened out (and no, I don't mean nuggets) and literally drove right through the drive through. LOL!

Benjamin Rubenstein said...

Do you ever wonder that you might have passed up on the greatest McDonald's meal in the history of the world? That fear would haunt my dreams. Funny story, though.