Thursday, December 31, 2009

Girls of Cancer: Miss New Year's


In a glaring sign of this blog's popularity, no female cancer patient or survivor took up my offer to publish her photo, bio, and cancer story (scroll to the bottom of Girls of Cancer: Miss November for details). So, I have decided to dedicate the final month of my Girls of Cancer calendar to all you beautiful babies who have cancer, or had cancer.

Though cancer may run you down and make you whitish-pink like a piglet, and force you to implant bumpy plastic called a "port" below your collarbone, and make you never want to do your hair or makeup again, assuming you still have some follicles, we know you are gorgeous on the inside.

And when you complain about the pain, or hunger, or lack of McDonald's in the hospital cafeteria, we know that is part of the process.

And when you nag about asking too many questions, and then not enough, we understand that, too.

And when you ask others to fetch your water or TV remote when you're off chemo and not neutropenic (i.e. relatively healthy), we know that you've earned it and we may or may not force you to watch college bowl games.

Here's to you, Girls of Cancer, for a happy and healthy 2010.

And here's to T-Woods, Bron Bron and myself for a happy December 30th birthday. Hopefully, T-Woods will have a less dramatic 2010. However, something tells me he received more birthday "wishes" than me and LeBron combined.

Happy New Year, ladies!


Lush in the Kitchen said...

What is the calendar for?

Benjamin Rubenstein said...

I'm so glad that you asked. It's just for fun. See "Miss January" for full details.

Lush in the Kitchen said...

You can publish mine if you want, guess its a little late now though

Benjamin Rubenstein said...

Never too late. Read the bottom of my entry, "Girls of Cancer: Miss November" for details (link provided above). Look for the pretty pink writing.

denise said...

Sounds like it woulda been fun, but - dang - no one wants to see an old fat gal looking at them all month *LOL*

Surviving breast cancer...