Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Oriole Way

Baltimore Orioles diamond symbolAs usual, my Baltimore Orioles didn’t participate in the baseball playoffs this year. In fact, this was their tenth consecutive losing season.

In 1996, during a playoff game between the Yankees and Orioles, a young hoodlum named Jeffrey Maier illegally reached over the wall and grabbed a Derek Jeter fly ball that would’ve fallen into the Baltimore outfielder’s glove. It was ruled a homerun, propelling the Yankees to their first of four World Series Championships in five years. In my extremely biased opinion, if Jeffrey Maier stealing fly ball from OriolesMaier didn’t steal the ball out of the air, the Orioles would’ve gone on to win the World Series that year. Not only did that little thief go unpunished, he became a hero in New York.

Despite the poor team performance, my aunt and uncle have been season ticket holders for as long as I can remember. The seats are incredible, located in the third row directly behind the Orioles dugout. They even get on TV anytime a left-handed batter is at the plate. Every year they give my family a set of tickets. Years back I took a couple friends to the game and somebody saw Zeke picking his nose on TV.

About ten years ago I took a picture of Cal Ripken, Jr. as he was entering the dugout. Just as I flashed he looked directly at me. For any nonbelievers, I have proof. What I can’t prove is how much that moment influenced Cal’s career. I was very hurt when he didn’t mention me in his Hall-of-Fame speech.


Anonymous said...

You call that proof? That could have been anyone who's worn #8 for the Orioles in the last two decades! :)

Anonymous said...

Here is the thing. I was picking my nose because I had a booger. I wasn't picking someone else's nose. I wasn't picking my nose with a fork. I was simply trying to get the booger out of my nose. I don't see whats wrong with picking your nose and from here on out I'm spreading the word. Pick your nose hard, often and in public.