Friday, June 8, 2007

My Hip X-ray

People sometimes ask how much of my left hip was surgically removed. When I tell them, they don't seem to understand. Instead of explaining it, I might as well show it. And thanks to my mom's new kickass scanner, I can.

This is an X-ray of a normal hip.Normal hip x-ray
Here is an X-ray of my hip, taken in June 2001 — half a year after my surgery. Sorry to disappoint, ladies, but I cut out the goods, so no sneak peaks today.
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Anonymous said...

Dang! I'm assuming you have quite the limp... Was it all removed b/c of cancer?

Ho-Train said...

I'm gonna go ahead and guess you had McDonalds before that x-ray. I think I can see part of a pickle there.

Sophie Grace said...

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Gregory Davis said...

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