Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Driving in Italy Is Hard

In June, I spent one week in Spannocchia, Italy, where I participated in a writing retreat run by Susan Conley and Lily King. Afterwards, two new writing friends and I spent a day in Florence, and then I rented a car by myself to travel around northern Italy for another week. I made a video of my adventures. You can watch it on YouTube or directly below if your browser allows.

Italy: the land of the structures symbolizing the peak in human performance, wine, and the most aggressive drivers in Alfa Romeos.

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Dad said...

I enjoyed watching your driving video through Italy. After watching your video, if I were to visit Italy, I would not drive. I would place my confidence in the tour bus driver. Thanks for sharing with your readers a part of your journey through Italy.

Benjamin Rubenstein said...

Ha. Thank you. If you were to drive in Italy, you'd be on the DL before your drive even starts.