Thursday, July 26, 2018

If Nobody Remembers Us

Here's my latest story, which published in GatherDC:

Ann stood alone on the other side of the dance floor, swaying offbeat. I approached my friend in her white gown. She looked as chic as my tailored tux and bow tie, which someone else knotted for me because I suck at “adulting”. The closer I got to her, the more I thought Ann looked inebriated and like she wasn’t there at all. I also thought we looked better than the rest of our C-squad royalty status at the Grand Finale Gala for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Man & Woman of the Year campaign. We were celebrating a fundraising campaign that raised $2.4 million to research new cancer treatments.

“Hey!” I said. Ann’s eyes remained cold and unresponsive, so I put my hand on her bare shoulder. “I haven’t seen you for hours,” I said, fishing for a response.

Ann noticed me then. “Behhhhhn!” I’d spent enough time around adults who forgot college ended fifteen years before to know. If a correlation existed between the number of seconds to pronounce a single vowel and the level of intoxication, then Ann was Sweet Dee. They were both Philly’s finest.

Ann’s mouth turned a 180. “L. is dead.” Keep reading If Nobody Remembers Us...


Dad said...

I found power in your words. I have hope that you will live to old age and be the elderly Wolverine like my nickname. You will be remembered by family, friends and everyone you have touched with your writing and your example of living through cancer.

Benjamin Rubenstein said...

Wow, thank you, Original Elderly Wolverine. You set the bar high. I will certainly try.