Tuesday, May 29, 2018

You Should Know … Benjamin Rubenstein

Washington Jewish Week made me its person "You Should Know." This was my third Jew-of-the-week-sorta thing within six months (you can read the one from November 2017 and the other from February 2018). I'm honored to be such a super Jew, even when I sometimes merely feel Jewish-ish-ish. Thanks to Washington Jewish Week and Hannah Monicken for making me famous-ish for a hot minute.

As published in Washington Jewish Week
Benjamin Rubenstein is a cancer-slaying superman. That’s what he calls himself in his book, “Twice: How I Became a Cancer-Slaying Super Man before I Turned 21.” The 34-year-old Arlington resident sat down for a beer at The Dubliner to talk about his illness, forgiveness and never drinking the same beer twice. Keep reading

Photo by Hannah Monicken
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