Friday, August 19, 2016

A Book Party: All It Takes Is One

Reclined on the patio chair with my feet propped on the other chair, hearing screams from the drunk man who lives in the tunnel down the street and the lyricless music playing through the Bluetooth speaker on the bistro table next to me, my attention occasionally altered by a plane taking off at the airport one mile away or the flickering television through the window of an apartment dweller across the way, I read Olive Kitteridge on my Kindle Touch going on three hours now. It is a Friday night and I am across the river from the most powerful city in the world and I am not texting friends "What are you up to tonight?" or flicking my thumb right or left on an LED screen. I sense that I have a complete absence of pain and discomfort. I sense that the world around me is huge, and the world described in the book's words are large, and that I am small, so small that I feel elated knowing there are few places I would rather be right now.

Reading Olive Kitteridge on Kindle on my balcony this Friday night in Arlington, Virginia

I've now appeared in my first music video, for about three seconds (at the 1:20 mark). Diane Trivelli made this music video. She is the founder of the Arielle Anacker Cancer Foundation which raises funds to benefit cancer research and families victimized by childhood cancer.


Dad said...

Powerful and inspiring cancer music video. Thank you for sharing it with all of your cancer blog followers. I plan on downloading the Never Give Up song.

Benjamin Rubenstein said...

Thanks, Dad. Glad you enjoyed that video.