Friday, November 6, 2015

A Weekend at Colorado Breweries and Mountains

"Let's take a weekend trip to Colorado," my friend Greek said to me on October 3. "There are some breweries I want to see."

"Colorado is my second favorite state. I'm in," I said.

We targeted a weekend in December.

Days later Greek texted me, "It's cold in December. How about we go in two weeks."

"Sure, why not."

Kayak for flight + Priceline for rental car = booked.

We stayed in between Boulder and Denver. We planned specific breweries to visit each of our three days in Colorado and otherwise went wherever our rental minivan took us. Town & Country led us high in elevation in hippie-town Nederland and to McDonald's for three straight breakfasts even though McDonald's now serves breakfast all day. Though, the main purpose of the trip turned out to be logging beers in the app Untappd.

We had great fun and learned a life lesson: we're too old for this shit.

Some photos from our trip are below. I also recorded parts of our trip and published a video, which you can watch on YouTube or directly below if your browser supports it. Cheers!

Avery brewery near Boulder, Colorado
Avery brewery built a stunning new facility. It's awesome. Avery's Rumpkin beer has 18 percent alcohol by volume. It's not awesome.
Benjamin Rubenstein with mountain skyline in Nederland, Colorado, on vacation visiting breweries
Feeling on top of the world many thousand feet above sea level in Nederland, Colorado . . . until my thalassemia trait (low hemoglobin) revolted against the limited oxygen.

Benjamin Rubenstein sampling Titan IPA at Great Divide Brewery in Denver
I rated this Titan IPA from Great Divide Brewery four stars on Untappd. Greek liked this rating. I later gave the Yetti beer two stars, which Greek gave a double negative toast.
Owner of Oskar Blues Brewery Dale
Greek was so excited to see Dale, founder of Oskar Blues Brewery, that he was researching Dale's life and looking at pictures of Dale 12 hours later. Did you know Dale provides his employees with free massages (not personally) every week? Yeah I didn't care, either.
Greek weighed his suitcase before leaving so he knew exactly how much weight in beers he could take back home. He over-purchased, including this pack of six beers at Oskar Blues for nearly $80, and had to leave some for the maids at the hotel.
Marijuana Retail Store in Nederland, Colorado
It would take me a while to get used to seeing this.