Sunday, March 16, 2014

Mansion Hopping: Cat Style

As soon as I began looking for places to rent as it looked like my house sitting aka Mansion Hopping journey was ending, a single woman, Mashuguna, contacted me desperate for someone to care for her 14-year-old cat, Teddy. She was leaving the country for three weeks, though allowed me to stay with her for two months, so I found myself living with human and feline strangers.

While Mashuguna has been gone, I have worked hard for Teddy. I quickly found that he is a diva. Would he grow to like me? Would I get along with my roommate? Find out in my latest Mansion Hopping video, this one with my cat.


Catherine said...

Enjoy the mansion hopping. You and teddy are a good couple. :)

Benjamin Rubenstein said...

I hope so, thanks. He tries to bite me far less than before, so that must be a good sign.