Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bennington Post

I attend November cancer conference → eat lunch with Canadian Drake → speak at the conference the next day → Canadian Drake likes my speech → I go home and do shit → eat turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, apple pie—basically a whole pie, not a slice → do more shit → Canadian Drake reaches out to me and says, I loved your speech! → I reach back and say, Thanks so much! → Canadian Drake tells me she’s writing two stories for The Huffington Post → I say, No way that’s awesome, how can I write for The Huffington Post!? → Canadian Drake gives me her point of contact at the Post, a nice fella I met at the cancer conference → I contact nice fella → he really is nice → I write a story → send it to Hamburgers and PingPongGirl for review → revise my story based on their review → send along to nice fella → tell Canadian Drake, Your Post stories rocked, now it’s my turn! → Happy Holidays! → I’m chilling at work doing shit when my mobile’s email notification pings me → nice fella likes my story and it is ready to go, but asks if I could use one of his titles instead of mine → I say, Absolutely, I like your second title suggestion! → Story posts → I rejoice → I’m a Huffington Post contributor →You read story here

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