Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mansion Hopping

I’m moving after living in a south Arlington, VA, apartment for three years. I recorded a video sharing why I’ll miss it, which you can view below. Besides the features in the video, I will miss the relatively inexpensive rent, giant weight room in the basement, and fellow tenants who talk to themselves. I’ll especially miss the Peruvian chicken eateries at every nearby intersection, now my go-to when I eat out.

From January through April I’ll live for free at my aunt and uncle’s beautiful northwest D.C. home while they’re away. I’ll live eight metro stops from work and 1,000 feet from the nearest embassy. My responsibilities will include sending them their mail and watering a plant if the maid or gardener tells me to. My aunt knows that is asking a lot and won’t overwhelm me with additional tasks.

I am the prototypical house sitter: clean and responsible. That got me thinking, Maybe my aunt has friends who need house sitters over the long summer? I’m not tied down by possessions (which are in storage). I’m not high-maintenance (see video below). And I can perform all house tasks so long as they don’t involve feeding reptiles and are less than three. I could temporarily live in several luxurious DC houses—I could mansion hop!

Hooooolz asked if such a temporary residence would bother me. “Don’t you want to feel like you’re settled?” she said.

I didn’t get what she meant until this week. Most of my possessions were moved last Saturday, and I’ve been living in my apartment with basically a sleeping bag and beach chair until year’s end. I do not need things: in fact, I was thrilled to donate many items. But I did feel stuck in time, unable to progress until I reached my less homeless-like state.

Aunt Flojo and Uncle Joker’s house will be an adventure and help me decide if I like temporary and DC living. In the meantime, I will grieve for my former residence…


Anonymous said...

Yikes. no one should live like this.. but 3 years ?!!

I would have hung the dish towel near the dishwasher, or with a magnet on the fridge. Hanging the hand towel and the dish towel together can be confusing, especially before coffee in the morning :-)

Even if it is the roommate's mess, messes can be cleaned, especially if you don't want such a large number of roach and mouse traps.

Focusing on solutions, not the problems, could have made daily life more pleasant. Occasional household meetings using effective communication strategies could have made life together more harmonious.

I am surprised the unit owner did not cover the unsafe, unsanitary '3 D art' on the wall. Did you ask him/her? This would be the unit owner's responsibility.

Here's a nicer perspective on life in the same building :

Wishing you a peaceful, happier, cleaner, Healthy New Year !

Benjamin Rubenstein said...

Thanks for the life advice and self-promotion. Happy New Year!