Monday, October 3, 2011

My Book is Now ‘50/50’ Toward Becoming a Movie

Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt star in 50/50
…Well, probably closer to 1/99, but the new film starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt strengthened my book’s chances. I saw it tonight with my friend, Republican, because it seems like a requirement for me to see all the cancer movies since I have a published cancer memoir and would love for it to become a film.

50/50 was well-done, and real. There were some big laughs, and the dramatic moments were unforced. Gordon-Levitt played the role of a typical twenty-something male with cancer spot-on, and I contend he should be nominated for a “best lead actor” award. It was pleasant to see another cancer media besides my book that isn’t sappy Lifetime-bound.

According to, the production budget for 50/50 was $8 million, which it has already earned in its opening weekend, making it well on its way to profitability (though, I do not know if that budget includes advertising). This is important because everything revolves around the Benjamins, and if this movie can be profitable then maybe “Twice the Movie” can, too.

One complaint about 50/50, I suspect, is that it is too real. I could hear Republican sniffle a couple times, and one scene in particular may bring a twinkle to your eye unless you are a robot like me. If I wanted to be a sellout then I would take notice regarding this blog’s level of realness…nah. I keep it real, and always will. But 50/50 is heavy, and viewers must be prepared for that. “Twice the Movie” would be more focused on dark humor and less heavy since the main character—yours truly—never considered death, a prime them throughout most cancer stories.

It may surprise that even after what I've been through I can sometimes use inspiration. And Gordon-Levitt delivered, reminding me to have more fun, take life less seriously, and remember my roots. Seeing him “fucked-up" with cancer, as I often describe in Twice, was a refreshing reminder of just that.