Saturday, August 6, 2011


Someone recently posted on my Facebook page about the Paleolithic diet, which focuses on meats, fish, vegetables, fruit, roots, and nuts, and excludes grains, legumes, dairy products, salt, refined sugar, and processed oils. It then occurred to me that my eating habits are built around the Paleolithic diet, though I do eat some whole grains and legumes, like oatmeal and pinto beans. I've been eating this way for years without realizing it was common or defined.

Now I wonder if my different fashion senses are similarly defined.

My dress wear: slim fit, plain-front, lower-rise pants; extra slim fit shirts with vertical stripes; Clark's shoes; of course matching my socks to my pants, and matching my leather. Metrosexual? Not totally. I may fit many of the characteristics according to AskMen, but as far as I know no guy has ever questioned my sexuality, or been jealous of my success with the ladies.

How about my new summer style I have not yet implemented but am considering: colorful, above-knee shorts, short sleeve t-shirt or polo, and slip-on shoes. Most people would find that appropriate without socks or with no-show socks. Here's the kicker: half-calf dress or crew socks.

Before you mock me for being trendy or absurd, think how logical it is: my slip-ons will never develop an odor, I can keep the same socks on after work, and I won't get as many bug bites when playing bocce outside.

Before full implementation, I have two questions:

  1. Just like my quasi-Paleolithic diet, does this fashion style have a name?
  2. Does anyone have any thoughts before I go forward with this? Please do share. Except for Ol' Brit and Sec-Z-Bec. Your raucous opinions are duly noted.


mutuelle swiss life said...

Intersting post

La Mole said...

You know my opinion, & after our outsourcing conversation resulting in the status of "I listen to this person not matter what" advisor, I can't believe we're still discussing this.

Benjamin Rubenstein said...

PepperoniNip called me 80 years old. Sec-Z-Bec said "Don't do it....don't do it." And all Ol' Brit could do was poke me on Facebook. Well, La Mole, it's not looking so good for me and my new fashion.