Sunday, July 17, 2011

ruBENstein Media: Part II of III

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ruBENstein Media: Part I of III

I have been busy this spring and summer trying to get more Facebook Fans...

See my live May 5 morning news interview on WFMZ 69 in Allentown, PA, with Eve Tannery. Normally I spend hours pursuing publicity opportunities that lead to me being ignored. But Eve actually targeted me directly for an interview. Eve was professional, excellent at her job, and a knockout human being. Whether she wishes to remain a local news anchor or become the next Katie Couric, I wish her the best of luck.

Read the May 7 column by Paul Driessen about the inspiration my book provided to his daughter, Amy, who was battling cancer. I spent time with them at my clinic. 16-year-old Ben would not have interacted with Cancer People. But 27-year-old Ben does. People like Paul and Amy remind me why.

Read the “Super Powers” article I wrote for the Summer 2011 issue of University of Virginia Magazine. The article’s ending used to be much better before it was edited, and involved me getting a tattoo of Cavman (UVA’s mascot) impaling a Hokie (Virginia Tech’s mascot).

Hear my “Stupid Cancer Show” radio interview from Memorial Day (scroll to the 15 minute 30 second mark).

Listen to internet radio with Stupid Cancer Show on Blog Talk Radio

Hear my July 2 “Majestic Mo’Mints” radio interview on Fairfax Public Access.

Read my July 14 article "Making The Best With What You Have" in Stupid Cancer Blog.

No matter my desire, time commitment or publicity successes, my hardcover and $3.99 e-book barely sell. I do not know how to sell books. I do not understand the disconnect between getting the word out and visible outcomes. I do not know how to get more Facebook Fans.

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ruBENstein Media: Part III of III