Sunday, May 8, 2011

Jew Basket

Though I did use to snag candy from Zeke's Easter baskets as a kid, I have never received my own. Two weeks ago my friends Infinicuralier and TinyAppetite set out to change that. I was blown away when they surprised me with my very own basket of candy.

Diverse candy basket for a Jew on Easter

I had already decided to re-start my seemingly never-ending diet (I'll explain later) the following week, which gave me precisely five days to finish all this candy. And I would be out of town for two of those days, leaving just three. In three days I was forced to finish an amount of candy that can only be measured in pounds. Best three days of my life, though only chemotherapy has had the ability to make me feel sicker.

Infinicuralier and TinyAppetite presented my basket to me two days before Easter.They should have waited until the day after, when prices would be slashed and thus my basket would be even larger for a reduced cost to them. You can keep your Jewish stereotypes to yourself, because that is pure economics.
Chocolate bunny labeled "Jew Basket" for a Jew on Easter


Kate said...

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