Wednesday, September 8, 2010


It was the event of the century…literally. 9-9-9, T2theZ called it: September 9, 2009, 9 innings at a Washington Nationals game, 9 hot dogs, 9 beers. T2theZ transformed the event into a fundraiser with donations going to The ALS Association, a fitting charity considering it is often referred to as “Lou Gehrig's Disease.” I joined his charity team, and as a group we raised over $150.

Long Island's Colony Diner's strawberry shortcake
T2theZ was the only team member to complete the challenge, finishing 9 hot dogs and buns that he provided cheaply, as well as 9 16-ounce beers that Nationals Park provided expensively. I was there more to laugh than participate. Consuming a few days’ worth of calories within three hours isn’t my cup of tea (with the exception of my annual trip to Colony Diner in Long Island, where this strawberry shortcake last week nearly made me poop out my appendix.)

The large beers were equivalent to 12 regular-sized bottles. T2theZ may not remember finishing, but we have proof in the form of expertly-drawn pictures of frankfurters and beers. I couldn’t resist a delicious cinnamon pretzel in the shape of a “W,” which is why a squiggly thingy is drawn under my name to the right of our poster.

This year the hot dog, beer, and baseball gods have one-upped themselves. The Nationals have a home game on September 10, 2010. Thus, our team is back with 9-10-10: 9 innings, 10 hot dogs, 10 beers. T2theZ is determined to show ALS who is boss and finish the challenge. He is also hoping the game features very slow relief pitchers and a lot of runs.

Though you may not agree with the motives behind our charity event, you can still contribute to the cause on my ALS donation page.

I will once again forgo all those dogs and beers, and will root for extra innings.
Raising money for ALS with 9 hot dogs 9 beers and 9 innings