Saturday, January 30, 2010

Last Call Shout Outs

Over the years, several people have helped edit my book. For my college graduation gift, my parents paid for the services of Kevin Quirk, a “book doctor.” Recently, Kevin came out with a book of his own about the Miracle on the Hudson. Brace for Impact can be found in the bookstore’s self-help section, but it's quite interesting and shouldn't be typecast that way.

Mary Tabor has been teaching my how to write, for free, over the past couple years. Last week she invited me to a writing workshop at her condo. I may have been the only individual (besides Mary) who has written a book, but I was by far the least experienced writer and critical reader. I commend Mary for putting up with my incompetence, and am extremely grateful for it.

Mary’s first book, The Woman Who Never Cooked, displayed her incredible writing talent. Fortunately, her second book which is being written “live” on her blog just got picked up to be published as an e-book.

And, a final shout out to myself for improving my “Links” section on the top-right panel of this blog. When working on HTML code, what should take five minutes takes me about five hours. Click around and see how bodacious those links are.