Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Hip CT Scan

I received a CT scan to measure my leg length discrepancy resulting from my cancer surgery over eight and a half years ago. I know what my hip looks like—I've seen X-rays over the years. However, I had never seen this.

"This is science at its peak. It's incredible. How in the fuck am I still able to walk pain-free?" I wrote in an e-mail to my friend, Hamburgers. I attached the CT picture. "Don't worry, you can't make out my junk. It just looks like a bulge," I wrote.

I clicked Send.

Forty-five minutes later I peeked at the picture again, and realized I could enlarge it. I clicked the magnifying glass icon, and could now see my clearly defined genitalia. "I take it back—you can totally see my donger if you zoom in," I wrote back to Hamburgers. "I highly recommend you not zoom in, but your personal sexual desires are your own prerogative."

So, that's what the "smudge" function is for, huh?Benjamin Rubenstein skeletal CT scan showing Ewing's sarcoma resection


Raine said...

I love this blog. Thanks for writing and for sharing and for always being so candid with how you feel and what you think. I cannot wait to read your book!

Benjamin Rubenstein said...

Thank you, Lola. I'm always happy to share my naked skeleton.

Raine said...

Looool :D