Saturday, April 11, 2009

Girls of Cancer Charity: Miss Virginia

Tara Wheeler

It was probably the dumbest question to ask Miss Virginia 2008, seeing that we're no longer in the year 2008: "Did you get to compete in Miss America?"


"How did you do?"

"I didn't win."

I got a Facebook invite to see Tara Wheeler at a Crystal City restaurant, where she was raising money for St. Baldrick's Foundation for pediatric cancer research. A $10 donation got me free food and two raffle tickets. I won a fancy dish.

Miss Virginia went to my high school, though I didn't know who she was. T2theZ and Ern-Diggity were in the science program with her, and they were all friends. After Tara chatted with the three of us, I informed T2theZ and Ern-Diggity that I had never met Tara. So, Ern-Diggity brough Tara back to our table and introduced us.

"This is Ben, by the way. He has a blog."

"Something about 'My Balls,' right?" she asked.

Holy shit Miss Virginia knows about my blog. Holy shit she is in the Facebook group I created for my blog.

If Tara raises $500,000 by today then she will shave her head. Though there was never a chance in hell of her reaching this goal, it is a good cause. DONATE HEREMiss Virginia Tara Wheeler


Kate Burton said...

I'm so bummed she didn't make her goal but I have to agree that she seems like a really decent person. I sent a quick donation and before IN knew it there was a personal thank you noting my blog as well. So cool!

Benjamin Rubenstein said...

She was so nice I had to abort my plans of stealing her crown. I just couldn't go through with it.

nick said...

remember burger king crowns? those were fantastic. do they still make those? dane cook: "He thought he was the burger king

Benjamin Rubenstein said...

Oh yeahhh! Oh yeahhh!