Monday, April 13, 2009


My dad wore a black, digital, waterproof Timex, everywhere: to the grocery store, to the swimming pool, to work. When the band finally broke after years of constant use, he carried the timepiece in his pocket. He could’ve replaced the band, but that would’ve cost more than a new Timex.

And then my dad laid his eyes on a bright, shiny, red Timex. He demoted his old timepiece to knock-around use only and the red Timex became part of his black-tie attire. My dad loved his two Timexes. I can’t remember him not wearing (or pocketing) one.

So I found it odd when, while at a meeting with my dad (I got a new job working at his company), I looked at his wrist and he was not wearing his Timex. He was wearing a watch, but it wasn’t even digital. I looked closer. Black leather, or fake leather, band. Is there such a thing as fake leather? Large, round timepiece, with a silver-colored border.

“Dad, what happened to your old Timex?”

“Well, you know Benjy, I was looking through JD’s old desk drawer and found this watch. It wasn’t working, and JD said he didn’t want it anymore, so I got it fixed for $20.”

“Where did JD get the watch?”

“He said he got it in New York for $10. From a street vender.”

In the middle of the watch were large, white letters: ROLEX.


Dad said...

I have received one complement on my imitation Rolex. That is one more than my 60 years of wearing Timex watches.