Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Girls of Cancer: Miss March

Farrah Fawcett

I’ve never seen her in Charlie’s Angels or anything else for that matter, but I can still guarantee Farrah Fawcett is better than Drew Barrymore because Drew Barrymore sucks.

Farrah doesn’t have a very extensive acting résumé. Let me clarify: The Internet Movie Database lists 57 movies and shows she’s been in—I’ve just never heard of most of them. She was a permanent member of the Charlie’s Angels cast for just one full season. It is not fully known why she left the show, but she likely thought she’d be a huge movie star. Her stint at Charlie’s Angels coincided with the release of her poster, which sold an absurd 12 million copies and led to an international hairdo trend. Can we please bring that shit back?

Farrah was in Playboy in 1995 and 1997, which caused a stir because of her previous opposition to nude pictorials. Some didn’t seem to mind, though, as the 1995 issue sold 4 million copies and was the top seller in that decade. I’m not sure how much credence I give that considering Chyna, the ex-WWF Superstar/horse steroid user/man? helped Playboy sell 3 million copies when she appeared on the cover.

Farrah was diagnosed with anal cancer in 2006, and in 2007 had a malignant polyp where her previous cancer was zapped. She bypassed treatment involving a radiation seed implant and opted for stem cell treatment in Germany. I’m sure she’d vote for G-Dubs a third time if there wasn’t a two-term limit. Fortunately, Miss March is in remission.

After Miss January and Miss February, I was already stumped for cancer-surviving women. My friend, La Mole, suggested Kathy Bates and Melissa Etheridge. To be perfectly honest, I’d rather show a near-naked Rudy Giuliani or Bob Dole. In the end, La Mole came through.

This photo isn’t famous or anything is it?Charlie's Angels' Farrah Fawcett
Update April 9, 2009: Sadly, it has been reported that Farrah's cancer has spread to her liver. Like so many others, we root for Miss March.

Update June 25, 2009: Farrah died today as a result of cancer.


Anonymous said...

You are too young to know that at least one more of the original Angels had breast cancer--Kate Jackson would be great April,yes?
And it is sad to hear that Farrah's cancer is now in her liver.
Cancer DOES suck.
2x breast cancer

denise said...

cancer sucks.
Farah had anal cancer, not colon cancer, though at the end of her life it really didn't matter...
Surviving breast cancer...