Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Real First Black President

Barack Obama will not be America's first black president because we already had one: President David Palmer.24's President David PalmerPalmer was such a good president that he was assassinated, and then came back to life in the form of Sergeant Major Jonas Blane on CBS' The Unit.

Well, maybe Palmer was only the president on 24, but I'm certain that my beloved series, which first aired in November, 2001, not only warmed people to the idea of a black president, but was also the single biggest factor in Obama's decision to run.

The Rock displaying People's EyebrowI'm normally complacent when a new President-elect is chosen, but today I am excited. Obama uplifts and inspires people more so than any political leader of my generation. The reason is simple: his voice sounds very similar to The Rock, who also spent some of his childhood in Hawaii. If Obama learned some of The Rock's slogans, he'd truly be electrifying.

"Hey Palin, when are the Russians coming? It doesn't matter when the Russians are coming! Know your role and shut your mouth. Don't make me lay the smack down, jabroni. You can take your $150,000 wardrobe, turn it sideways, and stick it straight up your candy ass! If you smell what The Obama's cooking!"


Anonymous said...

that's pretty good Benji. how is Mr. Rubenstein taking it? he was pro-McCain right? i heard that The Rock is a registered Republican. i would have never guessed that.

Benjamin Rubenstein said...

Mr. Rubenstein isn't overly concerned. Now that he knows Obama is a big sports fan and sounds like The Rock, he may warm up to him.

The Rock just wants to keep the millions...and millions of The Rock's dollars, without giving them to Uncle Sam.

Anonymous said...

haha oh benjy.