Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Rug

Meet Link, the ferocious dog of my friend, Formula-6.
Fluffy white office dogLink stays in Formula-6's office during the day. The women who come in for appointments go ape shit over this dog. They talk to Link like they would talk to a baby human, which I've always found odd. "How's my little Linky Linkster doing today? Taking a nap, huh? I bet you're glad I just woke you so I could talk like this! Yes you are you tiny little white-haired cutey pie!"

I wish Link would bite them. If it was socially acceptable and Formula-6 allowed me to, I would bite them.

Link's hair got very tangled, so Formula-6 took Link to get a buzz cut. Except for on his ears and tail, all of his hair was trimmed, including above his eyes. Link was ecstatic when he first felt the peculiar sensation known as sight.


Anonymous said...

Woh, wat a cute dog you have.

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