Friday, August 29, 2008

Griffey '08

It's about that time when people argue which presidential candidate is better. They may feel strongly one way or the other, and if passionate (crazy) enough, volunteer their time or money to the cause.

Take my parents, for example. My mom is on the Obama train and my dad is on the Geezer train. She wants the government to dig everyone out of trouble and he wants to blow shit up. It's a classic Democrat/Republican dispute. Couldn't the parties just plug someone into their system and get the same results, much like the Denver Broncos running game?

I vote for efficiency*. Fueling our cars with ethanol, which requires more energy to be converted into gasoline than it saves in oil, not to mention the effects on food prices and the moral issue of wasting food, isn’t efficient. Neither is refusing to talk to foreign government leaders. Is that pride or arrogance, or childishness? Since when was talking dangerous?

Subsidizing jobs to stay in America when the same work could be done elsewhere for cheaper isn't efficient. Messing with free trade (i.e. the North American Free Trade Agreement), which we all know aggregately has more benefits than detriments, isn't efficient.

More inefficiencies in policy or thinking: Complaining about gas prices when you drive a motorized whale. Blaming oil companies for providing a product the world needs. Not educating our kids so they have the necessary tools in this increasingly global and competitive economy. Spending government funding for bridges that lead to nowhere. Sentencing crack possession exponentially more than cocaine possession. I could keep going.

1996 Griffey for president pinIn 1996, Nike ran a "Ken Griffey, Jr. for President" ad campaign. PepperoniNip and I voted for him in our mock middle school election. Our history teacher got pissed. How is that different than voting for Ross Perot? Fortunately the vote was anonymous.

If anyone can fix the country, it's Griffey. He's got my vote. "Griffey for efficiency." Spread the word.

*Some externalities must be taken into account, as in the case of pollution where we need to embrace inefficiency because of the environmental effects it poses. If we let the market for carbon dioxide emissions regulate itself, then companies would choose the cheapest, and thus dirtiest, form of energy. The future effects of atmospheric carbon dioxide at its current trend are scary as hell.


Politicians are full of shit. They play a game to get elected or reelected. They do not what’s best for the country, but what’s best for them. How they really feel about issues means nothing. They say what they think people want to hear. Not only that, but in this silly two-party system candidates are bound by party laws to feel certain ways about many issues, like abortion, war, and taxes.

Even the running mates were chosen to help McCain and Obama get elected, not because Biden and Palin are best fit to be Vice-President. (Isn’t it easy to tell that back in the day Palin was hot?)

I will probably end up voting for Obama. I don’t fear what some politicians would like me to. Instead I fear the increasingly negative view of our country from around the world. It’s just a matter of time before all that hatred boils over in the form of big countries with big weapons doing something drastic. Even though I agree with McCain’s economic policies more so than Obama’s, I think Obama is viewed as more likeable and can better alter the perception of the United States.

What we really need is global marketing to show how generous and accepting our country is. I can head the campaign with my specialty flyers. I promise they won’t have anything to do with nuts.


jennrubenstein said...

palin is a psycho, and it's insulting to be pandered to by mccain and the gop in such an obvious way. i've been to alaska. it's not that great. there are a lot of caribou. woop-de-doo. on top of everything... mccain is OLD. he might be healthy today, but this is a 4 year office. president palin? hellll no. just look at her children's names, what kind of decision-making is that?! gahhh!!!
...i'm supposed to be either sleeping or moving right now. will talk to you really soon!

Anonymous said...

I would suggest that allowing companies/corporations to outsource their manufacturing and labor is not more efficient for anyone but them. Most of them aren't hurting for profits, they would do quite well staying local and employing workforces here. For more and more companies to outsource they merely feed the vicious cycle of layoffs and closing of local facitilities that would otherwise employ those in the community - on the whole, this adds to unemployment, to a lower quality of life. It doesn't matter if a product is cheaper due to efficient production in the 3rd world when you have no job, or the job you can get is minimum wage.

i understand that business is in it to make a profit - but at what cost to the rest of us? where is the line drawn? we curtail monopolies so they can't control a market entirely and screw the consumer, how is putting a cap out outsourcing any different? efficiency for a company should not have an adverse effect on the economy or consumer on the whole, especially when we don't have a choice but to buy what they are selling, no pun intended. I have no sympathy for any company whose bottom line is profit regardless of the cost to everyone else, and I certainly don't call it efficient.

but hey, that's me. now about the ethanol... there, I totally agree, it's bullshit and the average joe doesn't know it. time to put the word out, time to make people aware of things like biodiesel, hydrogen ion powered engines... etc. anywho, I liked the blog regardless.

peaceout girlscout.

Unknown said...

Amen Ben.