Saturday, June 28, 2008

Angelina Jolie, Will You Marry Me?

The new movie Wanted made me rethink the one thing in this world I knew to be true. I’m not talking about the secret to life, or the purpose of human existence in the universe, or how to survive cancer.

Is Angelina Jolie, and not someone else who goes by the name of Jessica, the sexiest woman alive?Angelina Jolie from "Wanted"Angelina Jolie from "Wanted"Angelina Jolie from "Wanted"Angelina Jolie from "Wanted"Angelina Jolie from "Wanted"


Anonymous said...

i agree, she's pretty bangin.

when are we going to get visual proof that you still have both your nuts? how do we know this isn't some "million little pieces of bullshit" sham? i'm just saying i want a few pics, high resolution. i want to see the nut sweat.


Anonymous said...

Hamburgers? its your name? However she is pretty bangin