Monday, March 31, 2008

One and Three Quarter Inches

Some health insurance companies cover interesting things, like prescription contraceptives. Sometimes plastic surgery to correct asymmetrical breasts, droopy eyelids and deformed ears is also covered. That all makes perfect sense. Birth control is a necessity for nymphomaniacs, unless they want to be in a constant state of pregnancy. And plastic surgery is a necessity for people with funky looking boobs. Don't even get me started on people with deformed ears—they should have their own schools.

One thing health insurance won't cover: the shoe lift I wear because my femur migrated up due to a lack of hip bone. Insurance would cover the lift if it fit inside the shoe, but not mended to the sole. That was fine when I had a quarter inch insert, but now my lift is one and three quarter inches. That wouldn't even fit inside Shaq's size 23s.

Shoe lift in New Balance sneakerShoe lift in New Balance sneakerShoe lift in New Balance sneaker
The lift costs $175. I purchased my latest New Balance 574s for $20, meaning the lift was over eight times the cost of the sneakers.

That's okay. It's not like walking is a necessity.


jennrubenstein said...

an important lesson i've learned in grad school for a healthcare profession is that insurance companies suck. some suck more than others, but across the board, they suck, and we have to jump through lots of hoops to get even the most basic of necessities. and i'm only beginning to see the inside of it all...

giggleblue said...

perhaps i shouldn't see the irony in the fact that it is a pair of new balance shoes???

Anonymous said...

My insurance didn't cover my daughter's lift, either, but Hanger Prosthetics here in NM only charges $75 for her 1+ inch lift (looks just like yours). I would shop around.

Benjamin Rubenstein said...

Thanks for looking out. Prices definitely vary by provider--my last lift was $250. Absurd.