Tuesday, September 11, 2007

For a Good Year, 5768

Seven years ago this Friday afternoon, I learned of my tumor. I have a difficult time believing it has been that long. I remember the day, the whole year for that matter, like it was yesterday. Time has gone by so quickly that in some respects I still see it as the year 2000, still see myself as 16.

Exactly one year later, give or take 20 minutes, I finished treatment and became cancer-free. As I wrote in Happy Birthday, Bone Marrow, some cancer survivors celebrate the diagnosis, but I celebrate the freedom. And even though last year was my fifth anniversary of being cancer-free from my first cancer, or what is commonly known as CURED, I will always celebrate.

Coincidentally, the holiday Rosh Hashanah, which marks the Jewish New Year, occurs around the same time. Because of that, this time of year marks new beginnings for me. A new football season has arrived. A new autumn is approaching. A new year is marked on the Jewish calendar. And a new year of cancer freedom will begin.

I toast this New Year with continued freedom for myself and others, as well as new freedom for some. After all, the best thing in life is health.


Erin Michelle Foley said...

Hi Ben,
I dont know you personally but I have known Jonathan since about 1st grade (your mom actually came in and made us Latkes that year and it ruled) I really, really have enjoyed reading your blog- you are very talented and pretty damn funny and I have already begun spreading the word.I also had to tell you that I believe I cracked the secret identity of a one Mr Spunkmeyer, haha. Take care! Erin Foley

Anonymous said...

Very well said.
שנה טובה
(Happy New Year)


Anonymous said...

I thank God every day that I don't have cancers It seems everyone suffers so much.

Clare said...

And youve done it again.

Great post man.