Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wake-up Call

ABC's Lost posterLast month I borrowed the first season of Lost on DVD from my friend, HollaAtYoBoy. If you haven't seen it, this is possibly the greatest season of television ever (with the exception of every season of Seinfeld and the first two of 24). At 1:00 AM I decided that no matter how late it got, I was going to watch the final four episodes. It ended at 5:00 AM, at which point I went straight to bed. On my way upstairs I passed my dad, who was getting ready for work. He had a What the fuck is this? look on his face.

"Were you sleeping?" he asked.

"No, I was watching Lost. I'm going to sleep now. See you tomorrow...or later...or whatever."

I almost never stay up that late. However, my friend Hamburgers goes to sleep between 4-6 AM every day. Back in college he struggled to make his late afternoon classes. In the winter months he'll go days without seeing the sun. "Sometimes I wake-up not knowing if it's morning or night," he told me.

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Anonymous said...

seinfeld? ah, you jew. :) haha

Scottsdale Girl said...

My bf just finished all three seasons. (I bought him the first 2 so he would CATCH UP ALREADY!)

He cursed me out about twice a week as I was getting up for work and he was just falling into bed. It is highly addictive.

Anonymous said...

Hamburgers is easily the best nickname I ever came up with for anyone.

Anonymous said...

last month i changed it up and went to bed at midnight. when i woke up at 5 am to urinate i didn't know what the hell was going on, it was so dark in my room. usually when i wake up to piss it's the afternoon.

Anonymous said...


You didn't come up with the nickname I did. We were in the car and you said,

"We need to pick up nick and hamburgers."

I said, "Why don't we just call Nick hamburgers and that way we only have to make one stop."

Point Seth